Shymane RobinsonAttorney & Founder, True Lawyer LLC

Shymane Robinson was recently named the youngest African American Attorney to open an office on the Southside of Chicago, which is her 2nd location. Shymane was born and raised on the west side of Chicago, she received 2 college degrees by age 19, licensed to practice law by 27 and started her own law practice in 2017. If you have learned anything about her by now, her work ethic is impeccable. Shymane is a Federal Trademark Attorney and the Founder of True Lawyer law firm and Lead Investor of Black Legacy Investments. Shymane get stuff done not only for herself but also for my clients that trust her to assist them with transforming the community by protecting and growing businesses via Trademark Law that impact the world and leverage their assets with real estate. Attorney Shymane Robinson can be reached at 312-442-0057 or email