Ron D’Andrea, COOCOO, Global Performance Group

Ron D’Andrea is the COO, Managing Partner, and a part of the original founding team at Global Performance Group. Having worked in the performance improvement field for over 30 years, he has a deep understanding of program design – its development, implementation, marketing, and related management consulting, especially with respect to sales, negotiation, communication skills, cross-functional teamwork, and conflict resolution. Ron’s understanding of communication has allowed him to aid a global energy service provider to achieve a 151:1 ROI on deals closed just after 2 months.

Ron’s experience as the Executive Vice President at The Executive Technique and President of BayGroup International has enabled him to implement and execute the GPG behavior change process within global clients effectively and with high ROI.

When he isn’t working, Ron enjoys exercising, traveling, spending time with his family in Darien, Connecticut, USA.