Nicole Anderson President and CEO, MEND HR Solutions and MEND Recruiting

Nicole Anderson is the founder and CEO of MEND HR Solutions and President of MEND Recruiting, a human resources solution and recruiting firm based in West Palm Beach, Fla. Before founding MEND in 2017, Nicole held corporate leadership positions in the legal, retail, and manufacturing industries. Her broad corporate experience and work with first-year startup companies guided her vision – the need for today’s corporate leaders to better understand tomorrow’s workforce.


Nicole recently released her first book “HR is Sexy! Revolutionizing Human Resources”. In her book, Nicole teaches her vision of what HR can be in organizations from working with leaders to develop bottom line strategies to bringing value to companies rather than just be policy makers and enforcers. Nicole is a featured expert on ABC, NBC, CBS, The CW, as well in multiple magazine and online platforms including Forbes. Nicole has been active in community-based organizations including Teen Mom Choices, A21 to help fight human trafficking, and Young Professionals Community (YPC). She is especially passionate about raising awareness for mental health and educating people on sexual abuse.


In 2020, Nicole launched her own non-profit Seersha Baile, (meaning Freedom/Liberty Place) a sanctuary for sexual abuse victims to recover and learn valuable business skills to start their own businesses. In 2022, Nicole will be launching “The Tracey Lynne Foundation” to provide resources for healthcare workers struggling with health and mental health issues as well as scholarships for nursing students.


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