Meghan GardnerImmersive Experience Director, Guardian Adventures

Meghan Gardner is the founder of Guardian Adventures, which provides consultation and development of innovative and educational online and live events, training programs, and STEM programs. Specializing in culturally relevant story-based and emotionally immersive experiences where participants are highly engaged and transferring their education from the learning environment into practical use. Guardian Adventures also provides curriculum and training development for making education exciting and memorable for adults and employees (IE. An OSHA training program for corporate lab safety which involves a zombie invasion).Translating High Tech media and Transmedia into In-Person and High Touch experiences are the company's core competencies by developing innovative and educational training or adventures that engage participants in a manner that improves understanding, retention, and transfer. Working side by side with Cultural Educators as well as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialists, they create story-based programming that is sensitive, appropriate, and educational. All programming can also include full staff training on the Guardian Adventures online training platform. A complimentary example adventure entitled Elixir of Life is provided free of charge for use.Meghan is also a STEM Curriculum Designer for ST Unitas (the parent company of The Princeton Review), a story-based adventure designer and staff trainer for Royal Caribbean Cruises (providing educational adventures for their 6 million clients a year), a guest lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education and other major universities, and an international speaker on the topic of Immersive Experiences in Education, Learning, and Training for all ages. In her free time, Meghan mentors women and minority entrepreneurs in the USA and Uganda and volunteers for hospice where she works with terminally ill patients of all ages as well as their families.