Lorie ClementsExpert EOS Implementer, EOS Worldwide

Lorie Clements is an Expert EOS Implementer®, an accomplished speaker, and has delivered over 600 full day sessions to clients in a wide variety of industries. She used the EOS® tools as a key leader in multiple businesses before launching her EOS practice, giving her first hand experience of all perspectives.

Lorie has led companies from startups, and P/E backed firms to turnarounds and growth stage companies across 9 industries and 7 countries.

Before launching her EOS practice, Lorie served as President of a transportation company, COO of an innovative Healthcare IT company, CFO securing investment capital for solar energy power plants, and in Vice President roles for business development, sales and marketing, for both small and large companies, domestically and abroad.

Lorie holds an MBA from Rice University and a BBA of Finance from the University of Texas in Austin. Lorie lives in Southern California with her husband Joey and three daughters.