Jason BurkeRepresented by Luminary Leaders, High Performance Success Summit

Jason Burke is the CEO of High-Performance Success Summit and helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors create massive success through creating their own events. As an event expert with over ten years of experience, he has produced and organized over 200 events since 2010. As an expert in booking top speakers and raising sponsorship revenue, Jason has worked with leading companies and influencers in personal development, business, and real estate education: Brad Blazar – Raising Capital Expert, Author, Speaker, and Coach Bill Walsh – CEO of PowerTeam International Amy Mahjoory – HGTV Personality, bestselling Author, and Real Estate Investor Linda Pliagas – Owner of Realty 411 Magazine and Expo Paul Finck – Maverick Millionaire David Fagan – CEO of Guerrilla Marketing and Icon Media David Lindahl – REMentor Jason recently published his first book – Become A Big Star In Event Planning – to help his readers create and execute successful virtual events in today’s rapidly evolving business environments. He has been invited to multiple podcasts, including most recently: Money Matters Top Tips with Adam Torres The Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast on the Business Innovators Radio Network with Mike Saunders Jason also serves as the founding President of the 3,700 members strong Las Vegas Real Estate Insider Club and Boston Real Estate Investor Club, which provide exclusive events in small group settings. Jason graduated with a degree in Journalism and Entrepreneurship from the prestigious Emerson College in the heart of Boston, MA in 2008. There, he was a member of the pioneering student group of the E3 Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship, a yearlong immersive leadership program.