Haziq AliChief Marketing Officer, Novae

Haziq Ali has been an entrepreneur for the majority of his life, beginning with a feature on an episode of 60 minutes profiling his first business in junior high school. After huge learning experiences that left him bankrupt, foreclosed, and homeless in his later business years; he applied the life-changing lessons he teaches today and within 18 months fought his way to opening 5 different businesses, generating in excess of a half million dollars in revenue and most importantly - falling deeply in love with his life again.

As a Novae Founding Member, Haziq was instrumental in the inception phase of the company. After inception, Haziq consistently maintained the companywide #1 recruiter position on the direct sales side of the business for years which led to his transition and promotion to Vice President of Sales and Acquisitions. After 18 months of leading Novae to the most profitable partnerships and affiliate relationships in company history, Haziq was named Chief Marketing Officer. Haziq largely is responsible for the growth of Novae’s Affiliate and Franchise Programs.

In addition to his day to day activities serving through Novae, Haziq is in extremely high demand as an award winning speaker, trainer and TV/radio show guest. Blessed to have been trained by the best and personally mentored by the great Les Brown, the greatest motivational speaker to ever live, Haziq is also an author and self-esteem development expert. Haziq attended Florida A & M University - School of Business and Industry; since that time he has elevated his studies in the real world that has benefited not only him but thousands of entrepreneurs across the country.