Hawley Woods GrayManaging Vice President, Appreciation Financial and ERC Specialist

Hawley Woods is a seasoned expert in the insurance and financial services industry. She and her husband, Robert Gray lead a team of over 475 agents at Appreciation Financial and their partners. These partners include Mpowering America a debt solutions company, ERC Specialist a tax and payroll company and PERA Administrator a public employee retirement administer that help public employees retire with dignity. Hawley is a strong leader. She has developed and implemented several marketing and sales systems that has taken her business to the next level. When Hawley isn’t leading her team, she hanging out with her family. Jackson her nine-year-old son is active in youth football, basketball and golf. Robert, Hawley and Jackson love to travel to visit theme parks. Hawley has been playing and coaching volleyball for nearly 40 years. She continues to take girls trip to watch her friend’s kids play sports.