Dr. Zabina BhasinMD and CEO of In Kids Co.

Dr. Zabina Bhasin is a South Asian American child psychiatrist, Cornell-educated diversity and inclusion (DEI) expert, and the founder of In Kids Co., a company dedicated to helping parents and schools create globally conscious citizens through play, learning, and activity boxes that have been widely recognized in the media and parenting organizations. Based on the belief that cultural differences unite us rather than divide us, Dr. Zee (as she's affectionately called) creates engaging resources that make understanding DE&I simple for anyone. As a first-generation American, Dr. Bhasin grew up surrounded by diversity and inclusion. As a mom of two and a physician, Dr. Zee's goal to make DEI & Belonging a normal and a daily part of life. Dr. Zee and the company’s dedication to diversity & inclusion have been celebrated regularly in the media, including Good Morning America, NBC, ABC, FOX, Red Tricycle, Today Parenting, & Huffington Post.