Dr. Margaret BarrowFounder & CEO, It's Nola

Dr. Margaret Barrow is the Founder and CEO of It's Nola (formerly Brooklyn Granola). She is a tenured college professor, author, and keynote speaker. She is also a mother, sister, daughter, auntie, friend and non-judgmental vegan. She has always been interested in healthy living from a young age. She enjoys jogging, power-walking, and yoga. While a full-time professor, she started It's Nola in 2018 encouraged by her community college students. A passion of hers is fostering mentoring relationships. At It's Nola, she has made mentoring a fundamental part of the company. She believes in supporting mentoring relationships and inspiring community college students to follow their dreams. Two of her top goals are: to build It's Nola into an international brand and connect It's Nola with a national mentoring program that mirrors her belief in the power of mentoring to save and nurture lives.