Dr. Linda JordonCEO, LRJ Coaching & Business Solutions, LLC

Dr. Linda R Jordon is a leadership consultant & personal development coach focusing on diversity and inclusion and organizational change management. Dr. Jordon has over 30 years of experience in management, leadership development & training, leadership coaching, business process improvement, diversity and inclusion, contact center development & management, organizational development and training within the U.S. and abroad.As a leadership coach, Dr. Jordon works with business owners and professional leaders, helping them identify and close gaps in the workplace by setting goals and creating a strategy to increase productivity and growth in the workplace.


Dr. Jordon has assisted with leadership assessments and performance management. As a diversity and inclusion trainer/consultant, Dr. Jordon supports organizations in facilitating diversity and inclusion training. She has assisted with organizational assessments, harassment training and employee engagement surveys. In her years at GlaxoSmithKline, Dr. Jordon led Sales Operations Teams to support the sales force and health care providers with product and medical information. She also led Employee Contact Center Teams and Employee Relations Teams to support employees and leadership regarding human resources, benefits, payroll and employee relations. :