Diana BarbianiFounder and CEO

I am originally from Croatia, a quaint little gem nestled along the Adriatic Sea. Not quite famous as Italy or Greece, but none the less breathtaking. Croatia is home to over 1000 islands, many of the world’s heritage and historic sites. My life brought me to the US back in 1998, and I landed right here in beautiful sunny San Diego. I found my first job shortly after finishing my English language courses. It was a retail job in a local art gallery that taught me many things about the fine arts, artist, and patrons. It was a wonderful introduction in sales, which will end up being my career for many years to come.Since 2001, I have worked as an inside sales rep for a local apparel company. Over the years, I was fortunate enough to get involved in product design as we import our own goods, as well as retail design, where I got the opportunity to plan, design and oversee the opening of our retail locations. Along with our purchasing department, I visited trade shows, to source out the best and brightest apparel and souvenirs, to be sold in our stores. The company currently runs and operate 12 retail stores. In 2003 I have founded wholesale operations for the same company. We grew brand to be sold at over 70 locations, globally. Established the long-term annual directions for the company’s operations. Built and maintained relationships with clients, and vendors to identify needs and provide customized solutions. My latest venture is helping small business owners succeed in ever-changing market. I teach workshops and conduct 1-on-1 client advising for the two local procurement agencies. I get to meet some amazing people, who work hard to contribute to the local economy. I am proud and honored to be a part of that initiative. My expertise is gaining retail distribution, specifically in the military market. Through my work, I hope to share years of experience with a fellow business owner and help them run their business in a more productive, profitable, and successful way.