Dave KinseyPresident, Total Networks

Dave Kinsey is an author and speaker from Phoenix who cuts to the heart of technical concepts and makes them understandable. Dave is the President of Total Networks, a Phoenix-based firm that provides IT services to Phoenix-area businesses. Total Networks is the only IT firm in Arizona to have received the CompTIA Security Trustmark, a third-party attestation of Total Networks’ adherence to security best practices. Mr. Kinsey serves as a member of the Technology Advisory Group for the State Bar of Arizona. He writes a monthly column on technology for Attorney at Law Magazine and presents educational seminars about technology to the business community across the country. Mr. Kinsey is also the author of The Blockchain Code: Decrypt the Jungle of Complexity to Win the Crypto-Anarchy Game, published in January 2019, and available on Amazon. Dave’s educational podcast, “Practical Business Technology,” is available on Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcasts.