Why in the RED when BLACK is possible!:Small Business Expo

Why in the RED when BLACK is possible!

Mathew Paul

Mayanah Finanicial Coaching


As a small business owner, have you ever wondering why your top talent is leaving you for a few extra dollars? Have you struggled with unexpected expenses constantly coming at you? Have you struggled with personal and business debt? If so, this workshop will teach you how to retain your top employees, reduce your personal and business debt, and boost your cashflow. The answer to all these is budgeting. Help yourselves by learning the art of budgeting, and you will see dramatic increase in your profitability. Help your employees to pay off their debt, and they will be ever loyal to you!

Intended Audience:
Small Business Owners, CEOs, COOs, HR Leaders, Anybody who wants to attract and retain top talent.

Key Takeaways:
How to create a family/small business budget for you to avoid unexpected expenses?
How to help your employees pay off their debt and retain them forever?
Debt reduction strategies and demonstration of free tools in the market


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