Uncover the Hidden Secrets to Your Dream Life:Small Business Expo

Uncover the Hidden Secrets to Your Dream Life

Sheridan Wickens-Fogg

BostonCharlottePhiladelphiaWashington D.C.New York City

Imagine your dream life; Health, Wealth, Family and Friends. Everything in tune, sending out vibes to the universe saying, “I’m ready for the next big thing”. What doors of opportunity are waiting for you to open? In this workshop you will learn how everything is inter-related from our Health, Lifestyle, Careers, Spirituality, Relationships. When one thing is out of whack our WHOLE life is affected. Instantly Identify the areas on your “Wheel of Life” that need nourishment and create a plan of action. Learn the importance of creating healthy habits because habits are the number #1 determiners of someone’s quality of life. The power pull of habit is what often keeps us STUCK!


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