Turn Your Customers Into Raving Fans!:Small Business Expo

Turn Your Customers Into Raving Fans!

Jessica C. Harris



Did you know that when customer service is executed properly, it will significantly impact your bottom-line? Does your business have poor reviews? Have you ever wondered if your company is losing silent money? Is your staff apathetic to your customers? Are you interested in customer retention? Are you worried about your business’ reputation? Let fanC help you! We collaborate with companies to build a compassionate culture and empower employees to deliver superior customer service every day. Follow our customer service model to see a return on investment, positive impacts to your company’s bottom lines, and turn your customers into fans!

Intended Audience: CEO’s, HR, Learning & Development, People Managers

Key Takeaways:
• Learning how to connect with the customer
• Customer Retention
• Protecting your company’s reputation
• Attract new customers


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