Train your Head to Think on its Feet:Small Business Expo

Train your Head to Think on its Feet

Norm Laviolette

New York City

Learn how the tools and techniques of Improv can immediately help you communicate and listen more effectively, work together as a team, build off the ideas of others and think fast on your feet. Experience the power of “Yes..And” and see how those simple words can create a more innovative you! This interactive and fun session, delivered by Improv Asylum’s CEO, Norm Laviolette, will show you how to “Train your Head to Think Fast on its Feet” by giving you skills that will help you lead and succeed!

Intended Audience
Human Resource and People Leaders, All levels of Management, All levels of Leadership

Key Takeaways
Enhanced Communication
Active Listening
Build off of the ideas of others
Power of saying “Yes”
Creating a Common Bond
Adapting to change
Innovative thinking


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