The Power of Personal Image & Lifestyle Within Your Business:Small Business Expo

The Power of Personal Image & Lifestyle Within Your Business

Sheridan Wickens-Fogg


This workshop will teach you how to leverage the power of your personal image for even more success in your business and all aspects of your life. What does your personal image convey about you and are you sending the right message? People tend to treat you how they perceive you. You’ll discover your own personal image and maximize it to its greatest potential. Character, Communication, Body Language and Posture, Voice Tone, Confidence, Attitude, Clothing, Skin and Hair, are key to how people view you and how they treat you. Being aware of your image is important if you want to be treated professionally, with respect. When you feel great and look your best, you exude confidence and the possibilities are endless. People are drawn to your energy and that’s when the magic occurs. Door’ start to open, opportunities arise, and ALL areas of your life are impacted. Be the BEST YOU and start winning in your business.


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