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The Power of Building Your BRAND on Television

Yusef Muhammad

American Business TV

Join business, sports, and entertainment executives, Yusef Muhammad, and Quinella Minix, also known as Dr. Que, as they conduct their workshop on, “The Power of Building Your BRAND on Television.” This “straight talk” session will give insider TIPs on how 1,000’s of business owners are making $1,000,000’s growing their business using the Power of TV. Learn how to attract capital and credit even if you’re a startup business or a growing company, learn how to scale your business and protect the health and safety of your employee’s.


INTENDED AUDIENCE – Small Business Owners, C-Level Executives, CFO’s, Consultants, and Entrepreneurs. Startup and growing businesses in need of money—don’t miss this workshop! If you want to how to promote your business more efficiently and successfully, build your business reputation and retain loyal customers. We’ll share insider secrets from network executives.



Attendees will learn about the The Power of Building Your BRAND on Television and how to:

1. Promote your business more efficiently & successful

2. Build your business reputation & retain loyal customers

3. Differentiate yourself from competitors

4. Building Brand Recognition with Video


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