Sales Pride/Sales Excellence for The Business Owner Or Sales Professional:Small Business Expo

Sales Pride/Sales Excellence for The Business Owner Or Sales Professional

Terry Brussel

Success Center Inc.

Los Angeles

If you are a business owner, you are in SALES. Bring abundance into your business and your life by knowing this and taking pride in it. Develop the absolute confidence in yourself, the intense desire and the determination necessary to make your business goals a reality. Be motivated to build up your sales effectiveness through regular and committed sales and marketing. Prospect diligently for new customers, follow up on your customer leads (such as those from this Expo). Be enthusiastic and effective on the telephone, at a business mixer or booth at a trade show/Expo. You can sell your service or product in a way which builds the profitable business you desire!

Intended Audience
Business owners who want to increase their business and the sales professional who help them to do it.

Key Takeaways
Develop Sales Pride/ Sales Excellence
Learn to effectively get leads at expos like this one.
Be motivated to effectively follow up on your prospects.


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