Mind the Gap: How to Spot and Avoid Dangerous Gaps In Your Insurance Coverage:Small Business Expo

Mind the Gap: How to Spot and Avoid Dangerous Gaps In Your Insurance Coverage

Dave Stanard

Berkshire Hathaway


Four? Seven? Six? How many insurance policies does your business have? Many small business owners are surprised to learn that regardless of how many policies they have, when the time comes they don’t have the coverage they need. Dangerous gaps between policies can be costly. In fact, 60% of small businesses are shuttered within six months of a cyberattack. 65% don’t last a year after encountering flood damage. In this workshop you’ll learn how gaps happen, how to spot them and how to better protect your business.

Intended Audience
Small Business Owners, Business Managers and Chief Financial Officers

Key Takeaways
Small Business insurance today is complex, cumbersome, and in many cases is not adequately serving the needs of its customers.
Most small businesses today have significant gaps in their coverage, leaving them, their family and friends at risk.


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