Helping You Achieve Your Financial Goals:Small Business Expo

Helping You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Lupe Casanova

Wells Fargo


Every year, many people may resolve to start the year with a renewed effort to accomplish their goals. One of those goals may be a financial goal. Whether the start of a new year, or throughout the year, we want to support our customers and help them achieve their financial goals by pointing them to customer facing resources and self-service tools available on The online site centers on the belief that small changes can turn into habits that may have a big impact on our customer’s ability to achieve their financial goals. Customers can start by picking just one new financial habit that may help them take control and plan for what’s important to them.

Intended Audience 
New and existing business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs

Key Takeaways 
Learn about the wide range of products, resources, and tools available to help businesses take steps to reach their goals


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