Intentional Marketing: How to Grow Your Business with Purpose:Small Business Expo

Intentional Marketing: How to Grow Your Business with Purpose

Katherine Morales

Inflection Point Communications


Purpose…you know you have it. In fact, it’s likely what led you to become an entrepreneur to begin with. But, when it comes to marketing your business, it can get complicated and exhausting. Just how do you market with purpose? Is it possible to see the ROI from your marketing efforts? In this interactive presentation, Katherine will show you how to effectively market your business with more proactive and purposeful (aka intentional) marketing actions.

Been lost about how or where to market your business? Or, marketed in the past, only to be disappointed by the results? Don’t miss this workshop!

Intended Audience –
Entrepreneurs, CEOs and/or Solopreneurs

Key Takeaways –
You will discover how-to:

Allow your intentions to guide your most effective marketing actions
Differentiate your business and convey the unique value you have to offer
Know where to show up to attract more qualified leads for your business


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