How to Increase Profitability in Your Professional Service Business:Small Business Expo

How to Increase Profitability in Your Professional Service Business

Timothy Wear


New York City

Profitability is easy enough to understand but putting it into practice is another matter. Companies often get lost in the weeds, chasing incremental improvements to revenue or employee efficiency without seeing how all the pieces coordinate to impact the firm’s bottom line.

In this workshop, you’ll learn about:

  • The 4 key levers of profitability
  • How to calculate profitability by client
  • Key metrics to help you optimize your firm’s profitability
  • Tips and tricks generated from our extensive experience with professional service firms
  • And much more!

    Intended Audience
    Business Owners and CEOs

    Key Takeaways
    Learn the 4 key profit drivers of professional service firms


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