How To Grow Your Team Saving More Than 50% In Salaries:Small Business Expo

How To Grow Your Team Saving More Than 50% In Salaries

Felizardo Gaxiola

Bridge Solutions Group

Los Angeles

You will learn how hire top talent for your business at the California border, where you can rely in a trustful and well-organized group at a fraction of the cost. This is great information if you lead the growth strategy of your business. This unique business model is an extension of your office, without the employer’s legal responsibility and office setup investment. Bridge’s experts will walk you through the easy process, advantages and examples of success. You will love this fresh approach to optimize your business and help you save money, while giving you full access and control every step of the way.

Intended Audience
CEOs, COOs, CFOs, HR Managers, Strategists, Attendees looking to grow their business

Key Takeaways
1. Learn how to decrease overhead expenses
2. Improve efficiency on key processes while reducing legal liabilities
3. Apply this strategy to stop investing in infrastructure and facilities


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