Cybersecurity Essentials: What You Need To Know:Small Business Expo

Cybersecurity Essentials: What You Need To Know

George Fassett

Shartega Systems


Your business uses, needs, and collects data. Your business needs to ensure no downtime, data loss, or productivity is incurred due to a breach or cybersecurity incident. Our workshop is to help with an overall understanding of Cybersecurity needs in your organization. This is not a technical workshop for deep dive IT specifics. This workshop is designed for business owners who need to ask the right questions to discuss how they are and are not protected, what processes internally need to be adjusted, and what user training that is needed.

Intended Audience
Business Owners & Operators, CEO, CFO, COO, President, Business Investors

Key Takeaways
1. 12 Key Cybersecurity Topics Reviewed
2. Best Cybersecurity practices & training exercises
3. Passwords, Cryptocurrency, backups, and risk.


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