350 Strategies to Maximize Your Business Growth & Profits for an Exceptional Life:Small Business Expo

350 Strategies to Maximize Your Business Growth & Profits for an Exceptional Life

Kevin Alft



In this action-packed session, award winning, international speaker, and author, Kevin Alft will teach which of over 350 strategies will provide a massive impact to bottom-line profits in your business. Come learn which strategies will increase leads, improve sales, get customers/clients to buy more, buy more often, and ultimately increasing profitability by at least 61% in your business! Every business owner will walk out with at least 10 specific strategies to implement in their business immediately creating instant impact to the most import key business performance indicator, PROFITS! When you implement just 1 of the strategies from this session you will have paid for all your educational seminars for a year; the challenge is, will you implement even one strategy? Only 3% of those who learn new and powerful strategies actually take action. Come learn and be in the 3% who make more profits because they are action-oriented business owners!


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