Build A Team That Works Without YOU!

05/27/2021 CST • Workshop Room 1

Have you ever thought to yourself...

  1. If I don't stay on top of it, it doesn't get done.
  2. I can't take a day off because...
  3. I wish my team had more of an ownership mindset.

Then this workshop is for you!From this workshop you will walk away with 3 processes (step-by-step so you can implement right away), that have been proven to level up the skills of the team. Successful businesses like yours use these every day to build high-performance teams that work with pride and accountability. Why is this so important? Because when the business is successful BECAUSE of you, then it's limited by your bandwidth and skills. You have to do everything, know everything, be everything. That sort of pressure and expectation is unrealistic and untenable for the long haul. In this 45 min session, you'll learn how to transfer key skills to others, the 'reverse delegation' process, as well as, how to bring your core values to life and use them to actually govern behavior. (It does exist. 🙂)We are happy to customize our examples so let us know if you'll be attending!