5 Steps to Improve Your SEO (for Small Businesses)

05/27/2021 CST • Workshop Room 2

Many small businesses don't know where to start with SEO. They know they want to improve their rank in search, but a.) Don't know all the factors involved; and b.) Don't understand the resources needed to make it happen. We've created our five-step model for SEO that includes all the steps you need to take as a small business to start an SEO initiative, whether you do it yourself or hire an agency. The model covers: • Planning & Strategy. In particular, outlining goals and what you want to accomplish through SEO in terms of page rank. • Approach. This includes "how you’ll" do it, what resources you need (whether you do it yourself or hire an agency), and figuring out the keyword research. • Tools & Tactics. SEO, as with other marketing areas, requires certain tools to you’ll need access to in order to get it done well. There are also numerous tactics that you can employ, both on-page and off-page you’ll want to consider to increase your authority. • Implementation. This piece, for SEO, is really execution and attention to detail. It includes best practices for on-page optimization, off-page activities, and other considerations such as local search. • Optimization. After you’ve done the work, it’s time to monitor and analyze the results, improving upon what you’ve done for the next round.