Why Small Businesses have the Advantage Over Corporate Giants


Bigger is not always better in the business world. Small businesses have many strengths that many corporate businesses lack. For instance, there is a certain charm that small business carry that chain stores do not have, such as participating in community events and having knowledge of what local people want.

Quite honestly, smaller businesses have the advantage over larger companies for being more exclusive and unique with so many opportunities for creativity and innovation. Check out the three advantages small businesses have over large companies.

Being Creative

While chain stores and larger department stores are able offer cheap prices and predictable inventory, it is the small business’s ability to offer uniqueness and custom packages you can’t find anywhere else.

A great example of business creativity is Amy Boroff’s unique toy and gift store called Be Craftful in Fanwood, New Jersey. Her original plan for Be Craftful was to be a toy store for kids until branched out and offered arts and crafts classes for adults. It became less of a toy store and more of a party destination for birthdays and even girl’s night out, offering painting classes for adults. Amy’s creative plan turned her small business into a place for locals to have fun and the positive word-of-mouth gave the toy store a boost.


What can you do you improve your small business and boost creativity? Take a page from Amy Boroff’s book and find out what your customers like about your business then develop a strategy.

Build Goodwill

Although large companies are seen sponsoring large charities, it doesn’t compare to the large impact a small business has on the local community. Raising money for a local sport’s team or giving 10 percent of sales to an organization is an excellent way to give back to the community and promote goodwill.

Find out what your community needs and how your business can help!

Improve and Provide the Best Customer Service

Having a small business means hiring employees from the community who can identify with the customers needs. Larger companies usually have a hard time ensuring quality customer service with so many employees to look after. Whether it is you or your best supervisor, having someone personally train each and every employee will improve the quality of customer service and create loyal customer base and loyal employees. Quality customer service is a big advantage in any business so make sure your small business focuses on its employees.

Which of these three advantages does your small business have? Are there any improvements you can make to win over customers from going to big chain stores? Remember to be creative, give back to the community, and improve customer service to guarantee a good fight against corporate giants.