Our CEO’s Tips for Small Businesses


We are happy to share that CEO Blog Nation included tips from our Founder and CEO, Zach Lezberg on their blog post “25 Entrepreneurs Share Their Business Tips“.

#2- Get your business online immediately

What is the first thing that you do when someone tells you about something, whether it be a new product/service, a new restaurant, a place to visit, etc.? You GOOGLE IT! You look for their website. If you are not online, you will not stay in business very long. I always tell start-ups and new business owners to make it their top priority to launch an informative website, with valuable information about their product/service, their contact information, and a webform for inbound leads. The keywords here are: informative, valuable information, contact information, and a web form! Be sure your website has everything a prospect needs to make a decision to talk to you and a way for them to easily get in touch with you. And, if you want to be a small business superhero, get your business on all of the major social media networks (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).

Thanks to Zachary Lezberg, Small Business Expo!


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