Our CEO Zach Lezberg shares his Tips The Most Important Factors To Be Successful as an Entrepreneur


We are excited to share CEO Blog Nation included tips from our Founder and CEO, Zach Lezberg on their blog post “20 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Most Important Factors To Be Successful As An Entrepreneur.”



#13- Access to mentorship and the resources to scale


Starting a business doesn’t come without its hurdles – from legislative barriers to the rise of mobile-first economies, entrepreneurs have an array of responsibilities to juggle that span across many departments of a traditional corporate infrastructure. One of the main factors for success is equal access to mentorship and the resources to scale. Utilize networking events in your local areas, both in-person and remote, and lean on your connections. They are more than willing to offer tips and best practices on how to navigate the peaks and valleys specific to your industry. Don’t be afraid to adapt to new practices – emerging technologies  like AI, if integrated correctly, can help to streamline your day-to-day practices, and will help you to develop (and implement) strong omnichannel strategies. Ensure you’re aligned with the ever-evolving preferences of your customers – brick-and-mortar should complement digital options and vice versa. Both should intertwine and work in tandem to maximize your success. Finally, be mindful of what proprietary data you have at your disposal to make smart, data-driven decisions. Risk taking is a given along the entrepreneurial journey – but leveraging data, resources and insights from third-parties and mentors will ensure the ‘risks’ you take are as calculated and informed as possible.


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