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Learn How to Network Like a Professional


It is always nerve-racking meeting someone new, and when it comes to business meetings you always want to be secured and composed, yet friendly and approachable. This balance is sometimes hard to achieve. So, whether this is your first rodeo, or you are a veteran networker, the following tips will help you make lasting connections in the networking to come.

We have broken it down into three main categories:



Eye Contact: By making eye contact, you show people that you are interested in the conversation.

Smile: It goes a long way. This simple gesture conveys friendliness, which demonstrates that you are easy to work with.

Shake Hands: Begining or endingBeginningrsation with a handshake shows professionalism. Be aware of not overdoing it, or this can show insecurity and nervousness.



Individual: Questions about hobbies and interests can help to build a lasting professional relationship.

Insights: Talking about ideas and inventions is a great way to gauge the other’s experience level.

Industry: Comparing and contrasting your industry with someone else’s can be fun and eye-opening.



Business Cards: You never know who you will meet.

it is always important to bring your cards with you. Also make sure you bring plenty, as they tend to fly away at our expo.

Topics: Choose a few topics in which you feel confident on and that you can talk about in-depth. Leveraging the right topic correctly can create a lasting impression.

Website: We live in a technological age. Directing people to your website shows your modern edge. List it on your business cards for extra uh-ahs.

Breath Mints: At most networking events, you will be doing a lot of talking. Be sure to stay fresh, especially after that second coffee.