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Attending Live Events To Help You Grow Your Business

When you want to grow your business, you have to be willing to look for new opportunities. You have to look for a new spark of an idea that allows you to build brand demand and create a strong company. You can’t do what you have always done to get new results.

Finding The Spark

Five years ago, I walked into event. I was there to learn from the experts on how to grow my business. I remember walking the exhibit floor and seeing all the companies there to serve the small business community. I had been to conferences before, but this was different.

When you attend a huge event with a massive exhibit floor full of vendors, you collect the swag, and you get to see and experience an array of companies ‘doing their thing’. You also get to see speakers take the stage and give their speeches.

But let me tell you that conferences are more than swag and speakers. As an event speaker, I talk about igniting marketing and sales at conferences all over the country and although I am the one on the stage I know it is not about me. Events are NOT about the speakers…in fact, every conference is about YOU. All the programming and even the sponsors are there for YOU.

With the keen focus to being online in today’s economy, one thing will never change. That is the value of face-to-face. In a world consumed with “online” stuff it is easy to hide behind the computer and do a good day of work. However, I believe… Read The Full Article Here