The Making Of Experience America’s Biggest Business Networking Event


This year has been very kind to us. We added four amazing new cities to our tour, Tampa, Austin, Denver and Washington DC. We hit record attendance and were joined by new exciting sponsors at several expos. All this just a few months into the year!

So, back in May when it was time to have the expo on our home turf of New York, we knew it was going to be something special. By the time May 11th rolled in we had over 14,000 small business owners registered to attend and close to 200 exhibitors- the biggest Small Business Expo to record.

Knowing that we had history on our hands, we embarked ourselves on an almost impossible mission: To capture what it’s like to be at the biggest business networking event in the country.

So, we made some calls and got our friends at Asset Media Group to jump on board. They helped us film the event, interview exhibitors and attendees, look through footage from other expos and put it all together. The result? The new and amazing Experience America’s Biggest Networking Event video.

See if you made the cut and while you’re at it make sure you register for an upcoming expo!

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