Interview with our CEO Zachary W Lezberg by Duct Tape Marketing


Helping And Inspiring Small Business Entrepreneurs All Across America

By John Jantsch


Helping And Inspiring Small Business Entrepreneurs All Across America          

Marketing Podcast with Zach Lezberg


In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Zach Lezberg. Zach is the Founder & CEO of The Show Producers, Small Business Expo, eComCon, ShowBiz Expo, and Small Business University.

Key Takeaway:

The Small Business Expo is all about helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. It’s a huge gathering. The event gets thousands of small business owners gathering in each city to network, build business relationships, find new vendors that can help their business grow — from payroll services to legal help to accounting services or office space, social media help SEO services, you name it, it’s there.

With events in over 45 cities around the country, the Small Business Expo has built a community that supports the growth of small businesses and brings people together all across America. In this episode, I talk with the Founder of the event Zach Lezberg about how he’s built such a strong small business community and the state of small businesses in 2021.

Questions I Ask Zach Lezberg:

  • [0:53] What does a traditional small business expo look like?
  • [2:22] Would you say you learned some valuable things producing virtual small business expo shows?
  • [3:13] Are there elements of what you had to do virtually that you’ll continue doing because people really enjoyed that aspect?
  • [4:08] So you’re shifting back to live shows now — are there elements of the live shows that you feel you weren’t able to emulate virtually?
  • [5:47] How do you build that strong kind of community that’s like cheering for you to come back?
  • [6:44] As a small business with a limited budget, what’s been your most effective way to fill these shows up?
  • [7:43] What would your events offer to somebody that is afraid to take the leap and what would attending an event like this inspire that person to do?
  • [9:32] What key things are you seeing that maybe came out of this last, crazy kind of year?
  • [12:36] Where’s the happy medium between advertising and word of mouth for small businesses?
  • [15:03] What does your Expo series look like for the rest of 2021?

More About Zach Lezberg: