Important Tips to Start a Small Business


Making the decision to start a small business is a big consideration for anyone. There is always a lot of fear, anxiety and stress but also excitement, opportunities and potential with each venture. Making an informed and education assessment of your particular situation and the level of risk you are comfortable with taking will be instrumental in how quickly you jump into your new career.

It can also be hard to find a group or organization which is there to provide the education, support and ideas to help you. At the Small Business Education Center, this is just what we are all about. With a business slogan of “Thank you for supporting small business”, we make helping small businesses our major goal.

It is always important to do your research before you start a small business. This is often the most overlooked component of the decision. It also means doing real drilling down into what is available currently as a similar product, what type of sales they have, and their market share compared to total demand.

You are very likely to find there are gaps or niches in any industry, product or service where it would be ideal to start a business to fill in those deficits. Without the research these won’t be obvious, and this can result in a lot of wasted money if you are simply using trial and error marketing.

Know Your Product and Your Audience

There are a few products which are marketable to everyone, but most products will have one or perhaps a few target audience groups and subgroups. This could include people of specific income levels, genders, ages, or interests. By understanding the specific target group you want to market too, those most likely to buy the product or service, it is possible to make the most of the marketing budget.

Emphasize Your Difference

When you start a small business being seen as different or better than existing products or service on the market is essential. Your marketing has to be able to give potential new clients and customers a clear understanding of how interaction with your product or service will markedly benefit their life. Our conferences can show you just how to create a unique marketing campaign to highlight your businesses attributes.

Simply deciding to start a business which basically copies every other business is not effective. Having your own twist, take, or perspective on the needs of the target audience will allow you to compete.

Can You Make Money?

It may seem obvious but just covering costs of production, marketing and operation are not going to keep you going after your initial startup cash infusion. You should be able to start making some profit immediately if you are pricing right and in the right market.

We also provide information at our seminars during the conference on crowdfunding, as well as micro-loans and other non-traditional financing options. These options can allow you to start a small business even if you don’t have all the cash up front. However, as with anything, remember to get financial advice and understand the terms of the loan before choosing it as a funding option, which is where our events can really help.