Exhausted Working Woman

How to Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout In Your First Year


If you’re just starting out your business, try to remember this first year because it’s going to fly by in a flash. Sheer excitement and adrenaline will push you through the first few months, and every challenge will simultaneously terrify and thrill you.

But, beware. I’ve counseled thousands of small business owners and have seen that same excitement turn into burnout really fast. Whether you realize it or not, you’re dealing with a whole host of new stressors that are taxing your mind and body, and even when you’re at your highest highs, you’re likely still putting a strain on yourself.

Here are four patterns, which I’ve seen time and again, that distinguish successful people from those who burn out early:

1. Overcome the “Seal of Hesitation”

2. Always be expanding and preparing for growth

3. Make it part of your job to treat yourself

4. Don’t let that one obstacle ruin your day, month, or year.

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