Great Investments for Small Business Owners


A savvy small business owner is one who invests wisely. Making the right choices on how to spend your time and money creates a foundation for long lasting success. But when you have limited resources and hours in the day, how do you know which area of your business to focus on first? There’s only one way to determine that, says Zachary Lezberg, founder of the Small Business Expo trade show. “Your number one question should always be: Will this investment help my company’s sales grow?” If your answer is, “No,” Lezberg says, “It’s most likely not a proper investment.” Here are four smart ways to spend time and money on making your business an ultimate success:

1. Hire a great crew

2. Lock in some first-rate office space

3. Spend time talking about your business

4. Buy the best tools to get the job done

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