Email Marketing StatPack 2018


Email marketing is a tried-and-true digital channel that marketers, across all sectors, can use to engage their audience. But it must be managed strategically to maximize return.

This StatPack provides marketers with a visual overview of email marketing benchmark data from global email service providers. The following metrics will be included:

  • Open rate, clickthrough rate, click-to-open rate
  • Deliverability and engagement metrics
  • A look at benchmarks by industry, geography and device
  • An analysis of changes in benchmarks over time

Additionally, this content takes a deep dive into how marketers are evolving their email efforts beyond blast messages. Other relevant areas covered in this year’s StatPack are:

  • GDPR, email permission and what impact the law has on list health practices and deliverability
  • The need to consider the mobile experience on email and thinking cross-device
  • Data-driven email tactics such as behavior-based triggers, segmentation and personalization
  • Managing email marketing and crafting a holistic, channel-agnostic journey for the audience
  • Advanced technology and design implementations like artificial intelligence and interactive functionality

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