Director of Entrepreneur 038 Small Business at Georgia Dept of Economic Development Mary Ellen McClanahan Signs On To Speak At ATLANTA Small Business Expo’s VIP Breakfast


November 12, 2015

Victoria Jaramillo

Director of Partnerships

The Show Producers / The Small Business Expo

555 8th Avenue, Suite 909

New York, NY 10018


On behalf of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, thank you for selecting Atlanta, Georgia as a location for your upcoming Small Business Expo.

With over 99% of Georgia’s businesses being small businesses, we truly recognize the impact they make on Georgia’s economy.

Your Expo should be another great avenue for exposing Georgia’s small businesses to the helpful resources they need to start, grow and thrive. Attendees are encouraged to visit for a comprehensive list of resources.

I look forward to bringing welcome remarks on December 10.


Mary Ellen McClanahan


Entrepreneur & Small Business