• States Can Now Collect Online Sales Tax

    The 26-year-old law that exempted online retailers from collecting sales tax in states where they have no physical presence has been overturned, per a US Supreme.

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  • Customers Are Using More Channels than Ever to Interact with Retailers

    Understanding the customer journey has always been paramount for marketers—especially in the retail industry—and the ability to assign attribution is becoming more fine-tuned. At the same.

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  • Getting Customer Experience Right Proves Challenging

    Here’s a thought experiment: Imagine a company where marketers have solved their problems with technology and organizational incentives, and have all the pieces in place to.

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  • Analyzing 3 of Mary Merker’s Internet Trends for 2018

    Mary Meeker, the well-known venture capitalist and heralded “queen of the internet,” released her annual internet trends report to the tech and business communities this month,.

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  • The Most Effective and Used Types of B2B Content Marketing in 2018 so Far

    eMarketer estimates that 87.0% of US B2B companies will use digital content marketing in 2018. Despite already high adoption, the usage rate will grow slightly in.

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  • Mobile Payments Aren’t Mainstream Yet

    Mobile payments have yet to take off in the US—at least according to regularly published articles and reports. But how true is this? According to a.

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  • Are Young Adults Growing Tired of Constant Social Connectivity?

    Despite popular assumptions that young adults are social media-obsessed, new data suggests that many have considered a temporary—and even permanent—reprieve from their newsfeeds. In a December.

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  • Voice Commerce Is Becoming the Norm

    In another sign that consumers are comfortable shopping via smart speakers like amazon Echo or Google Home, new data from research firm Delineate finds that many are turning to.

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  • Small Businesses Crowd Facebook

    Small-business owners are often constrained by limits on resources as they balance different needs competing for a slice of finite budgets. But new research from business.

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  • Social Media Will Hit Major Milestones in 2018

    With Facebook and Twitter at the center of national conversations about political ad transparency and fake news, the year ahead will be anything but dull for.

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