• Top 3 Ways to Embrace Consumerization of Technology

    Consumerization of IT is defined as “the propensity for users’ experiences with technology as consumers to impact their expectations regarding their technology experiences at work.” It.

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  • Twitter Guide for Small Business Part 4: Tips for Measuring ROI

    So you’ve followed many of the strategies for creating your profile and engaging with community members, and your Twitter community is growing, but you’re probably wondering.

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  • Email Marketing: A Powerful Tool for Small Business

    Are your small business customers deleting or clicking to open those emails you send them? No one wants their emails to be like messages in bottles,.

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  • Crowdfunding Study Shows Entrepreneurs Need to Try, Try Again

    When at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. There’s wisdom in that old adage that entrepreneurs—especially women—would be wise to follow. Think of an.

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  • Twitter Guide for Small Business Part 3: Strategies to Increase Retweets

    Ok, so you now know how to setup your profile and how to act towards other businesses and people on Twitter. Now you are ready to.

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  • Tips for Identifying Your Customer

    Before you start a new business, you may have a general notion that there are customers who need exactly what you want to sell. Maybe you’ve.

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  • 5 Budget-Friendly PR Tactics for Small Business

    The best publicity for your company is a press release from a great PR company, but it can also be the most expensive investment to your.

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  • Twitter Guide for Small Business Part 2: Good and Bad Etiquette

    Now that you’ve got the basics down, and have your profile setup, let’s talk about how you should act on Twitter. If you’ve spent any time.

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  • Age is Only a Number for Older Entrepreneurs

    Maybe your 21st birthday is a milestone you passed decades ago. Maybe you have more gray hair on your head than not. Neither is a reason.

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  • What You Will Learn At A Small Business Conference

    Often people starting a small business are not truly business experts. Instead, they are innovators, creators, marketers, designers and visionaries who are able to see a.

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