Top 3 Ways to Embrace Consumerization of Technology


Consumerization of IT is defined as “the propensity for users’ experiences with technology as consumers to impact their expectations regarding their technology experiences at work.” It has become a habit of employees to utilize non-traditional information technology to complete their…
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Tips for Identifying Your Customer


Before you start a new business, you may have a general notion that there are customers who need exactly what you want to sell. Maybe you’ve noticed the need for your product or service on an anecdotal basis. You waited…
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Google Domains Enhances Small Business Online Presence


Listen up small business owners! For those who were contemplating in having an online business, now is the time to decide. Google Domains is helping small businesses build their web presence with 90+ new domain name endings, custom email addresses…
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The Startup Guide for the Aspiring Entrepreneur


To the aspiring entrepreneur who says they want to start their own business, the most difficult question to answer is “what do you want to do?” It’s evident that being a business owner requires a great amount of passion, commitment,…
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